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GK+ COMBO Glucose & Ketone Control Solutions

GK+ COMBO Glucose & Ketone Control Solutions

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COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH THE KETO-MOJO GK+ BLOOD GLUCOSE & KETONE METER and NOT compatible with earlier Keto-Mojo meter models.

Although it is rare for a meter to be out of calibration, testing your Keto-Mojo GK+ meter and strips with our glucose and ketone control solution is a way to ensure your meter is giving you accurate results.

Our control solutions contain a known amount of glucose and β-Ketone.  It is applied to a test strip just like a normal blood sample. We provide you with 2 levels of control solutions for Dual Quality Assurance

Included in this Combo Pack: 4x-2mL bottles

  • 1x Glucose Solution Level 2 
  • 1x Glucose Solution Level 3 
  • 1x Ketone Solution Level 2
  • 1x Ketone Solution Level 3

Do a control solution test in the following conditions:

  • You suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly.
  • You have dropped or think you may have damaged the meter.
  • Your test results are not consistent with how you feel, or you think the results are not accurate.
You can check the performance of the meter and test strip by comparing the control solution results with the range printed on the control solution box.

Note: keep the box for referencing the control range.

If the quality control check fails, conduct the quality control check again. If it fails a second time, contact our customer support team.

Expiration is either 6 months from opening the bottle, or the printed expiration date, whichever comes first.

Control Solution Manuals for Glucose & Ketones  (English and French)

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